The body is two lengths of 11/2 x 1/4 inch anglebar supported by two bicycle forks threaded to 3/4 npt and connected by a black pipe union. The strings are 1/2 inch bandsaw blades with holes drilled in each end. The tail/bridge is anglebar with a 3/16 round rod for the post. The tuner is a 3/8 inch bolt with 3/16 rod welded to the head with a locknut to adjust the tension. The two stings, 47 and 31 inches long, are tuned B and E. Stops are marked on the anglebar and the instruments can be played as a clavichord, a slide monochord, or openstring drone. The strikers are 3/8 round rod with plastic tubing at one end, the uncovered end useful as a slide. It is amplified by a pair of Lollar-style spot pick-ups.

Click to hear a sound sample of the instrument: Phorques.

Phorques full view

Detail view of Phorques
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