The neck is 5 x 1/8 flatstock supported by 21/2 x 1/2 x 3/16 channel iron. The channel iron provides the track for two pedal operated frets (usually tuned a half step and a whole step from open, but adjustable to any position). The nut is 3/8 square rod cushioned with innertube rubber and the bridge is 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 1/4 angle bar cushioned with surgical tubing. The frets are 3/8 rod welded to 5/16 bolts supported off the strings by compression springs and depressed by bicycle brake cables attached to 1/2 inch square rod to which the bolts are nutted. The cable adjusters are 3/8 bolts drilled through and countersunk which sit in tapped flatstock suspended beneath the neck on 1/2 square rod. The pedals are 2 x 1/8 flatstock with 6 inch welded arms. The hinges are 1/4 pipe tees with a single length of 3/8 rod for their pin. The resonator is a twenty-pound propane tank welded to a 12 inch dredgepipe coupling. The five bass strings are tuned E G A C D. It is amplified by an 8 inch Jason Lollar pick-up.

Click to hear a sound sample of the instrument: Dubass.

Dubass full view

Detail of Dubass
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