What gives Anarchestra life are the people who choose to participate. Without their contributions Anarchestra would be nothing more than a collection of objects (in the concrete) and ideas (in the abstract): a "graveyard of thinking" and/or an "ivory tower". Objects and ideas are both enjoyable and valuable (even essential) within the limited fields they occupy, in their capacity to analyze and/or suggest human activities in the past and/or the future, but it is the activities themselves, the collective engagements of groups of people, that invest the objects and ideas with life, that bring them into the present (in all senses of the word).

Over the last four years a few hundred people have participated in Anarchestra on different occasions and I value the contributions of all of them.

The people on this page have contributed to our (thus far) released recordings. More to come.

Rod Welles

Rod Welles, film maker, sacred geometrician, etc., is the founder and director of Labyrinth Speakeasy. Without his generosity Anarchestra might never have existed.

Labyrinth Speakeasy

Sharmayne Tamm

Sharmayne Tamm is currently living and playing the bass around San Diego. Before moving to San Diego in 2003, she was a member of the Boston music scene where she played and recorded with various blues, funk, and r&b bands. She studied jazz theory, improvisation, ear training, writing, arranging, and electric bass at both New England Conservatory (Boston) and Roosevelt University (Chicago,) where she earned both a BA and an MA in Jazz Composition and Electric Bass.

Labyrinth Speakeasy

Scott Hershowitz

(photo:dick iacovello)

name is scott,love life indeed,all of it including the not great parts,it all adds up,i drum,i help horses with their toes,i keep people going with caffine,i'm learning to saves lives as an emt,i love to sleep,i love to learn,i love to eat,i feel all humans have equal validity,and i am upset that it's cool to wear pants with no belt,but not ok to wear a belt with no pants.

Labyrinth Speakeasy

Paul Thurlow

(photo:dick iacovello)

Paul went to 48th st. with Alex Ferris when he was 12 to get a red Epiphone bass. From that time he has been headlong down a slippery slope of psychedelic-jam-bebop-afro-cubano-celtic-reggae-world- he needs to get out of this mess before it's too late! It may already be; he is currently knocking down half notes in an old-timey string band, accompanying african dance class, singing the blues with a local political leader, constructing scores for epic underwater adventure movies never made with the extra-brilliant Scott Hershowitz and relearning everything he thought he knew about the piano, all the while struggling to pursue his first love, housepainting.

Labyrinth Speakeasy

Linzi Arundale

(photo:dick iacovello)

Linzi is a painter, currently living in London.

Lindsey Arundale

Labyrinth Speakeasy, . . .terofourdis..., Hot Flash

Gaspard Cabanes

Gaspard Cabanes is an instrument builder, experimental musician and co-founder of the Re-evolve record label, whose multiple projects have included improvisational music, live music for dancers and theatrical troops, with music ranging from free jazz, to noise. Trained in jazz piano at an early age in his native country of France, he moved to New Mexico in 1992 to study music at the college of Santa Fe.
Soon after, is passion for creative and improv music led him to concentrate on free jazz (and drop out of school), and through the fabrication of his own electro-acoustic-transducers instruments a more radical and experimental soundscape/noise approach was born.
His multiple projects in New Mexico have included live music for buttoh dancer Deirdre Morris, live Music for aerial troop Wise Fool, The Invisible Plane, Springload, Audible Whispering Half Quartet, guest in The Uninvited Guest, and more recently Anarchestra, and solo recordings.

sitsteel --furniture made by Gaspard

Hot Flash, Well. . ., Plenum, Dry Ice, Remnant

Dawn Edelman

dawn elise edelman, bad ass cuz she's not far from 40, just getting her shit together, and FINALLY making music and learning that there is nothing better in the world. (well, nearly nothing!) all the best elements of life coming together in those moments of creation make dawn sleep better at night, a really beautiful thing, and wish she had not waited so fucking long. but anything is better late than never, as THEY say! coelescence is this year's theme and anarchestra, with the supreme assistance and love of alex ferris, has led the way into that other-worldly, long sought after experience! dawn edelman, bad ass extraordinaire!

Well . . ., Plenum, Remnant, Contingent

Dezbah Stumpff

Dezbah Stumpff is an artist, reader, jewelry maker and singer. She is currently studying at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. She feels that anyway she can get "the most creative life possible is the way to go "Dezbah grew up in a musical household with a piano playing mother and a bluegrass strumming cowboy father. As a teenager she sang in a few punk rock bands and was known as the crazy girl who sang loudly in the halls of her high school. Later she performed her own music in a few plays and has been a backup singer and guitarist in her father's band.

"Playing improv was really freeing because there was not a lot of expectation that tends to get in the way, also the instruments are so unique and really become part of one's physicality and I appreciate that connection. It was really exciting to have this music coming from everyone, like a living breathing entity so unique to the individuals in the collaboration, and then hearing my own voice incorporating and influencing has been amazing and downright joyful."

Well . . ., Plenum

Garry Transue

Though my role as Designer/Artist in Residence for the Telluride Film Festival has taken me far into the realm of environmental design, I remain, at heart, a painter and a musician with a lot of other interests. I try not to define my output by category or genre, but to approach all my varied exploits with a personal creative philosophy which is the common thread that runs through what may appear to be very different fabrics. When, in other aspects of my life, I can engage in the kind of creative exploration that I find accessible through painting and music, then theater design, photography, landscaping or cooking all begin to feel like art made by the same artist, and my work on earth seems cohesive and whole.

"You cannot lose your creative license, though it does eventually expire."

Home < The Art of Garry Transue


Bill Wolford

Bill Wolford is a sound designer from Seattle.

Vivid Sound Productions


Montana Steell

Montana Steell grew up on a boat and has never been to school. She came to america to make grilled cheese on an iron.
"Home to me is the smell of garlic cooking and the sound of Joni Mitchell singing."


Zach Pearson

Zach Pearson is afraid of bees and retards.
He's been driving the deez.


Andrew Prouty

Andrew Prouty
"Born to die."
Rising Sun


Ellie Dauscher

Ellie Dauscher
"I like hair and I don't really care. OK for now. it'll change.


Zach LaNoue

Zach LaNoue
Fire beathing skunk ape hunter.
his space
skunkape circus


Madog Frick

Madog Frick
Drummer for Vulgar Bulgars.
Upright bass, percussion, and rhythm guitar in the Okara Mountain Jig Riggers.
...travels...works on farms...




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