Categories are convenient, but ultimately meaningless

Cecil Taylor Celebrated Blazons
Eric Dolphy Iron Man
Charles Mingus The Great Concert of
Andrew Hill Point of Departure
John Coltane Transition
Sun Ra Heliocentric Worlds / Other Planes of There
Art Ensemble of Chicago Fanfare for the Warriors
Miles Davis Bitches Brew
(more current)
Daniel Carter / Reuben Radding Luminescence
Butch Morris Conduction 15 Where the Music Goes
Julius Hemphill Coon Bid'ness
Otomo Yoshihide's new jazz quintet Flutter
Roscoe Mitchell Nine to Get Ready
Jemeel Moondoc Revolt of the Negro Lawn Jockeys
William Parker & Hamid Drake Piercing the Veil

Olivier Messiaen Chronochromie
Pierre Boulez Sur Incises
Gyorgi Ligeti Etudes
Krzysztof Penderecki Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima
Iannis Xenackis Jonchaies
Luciano Berio Points on the Curve to Find
Sofia Gubaidulina Offertorium
Bang on a Can Festival (David Lang, Louis Andriessen)
Butch Morris Conduction 15 Where the Music Goes Conduction 25/26
Morton Feldman Piano & String Quartet

Swans Cop
Minutemen What Makes a Man Start Fires
Black Flag Loose Nut
Dog Faced Hermans Bump and Swing
James White and the Blacks Off / White
Fugazi 13 songs
Bad Brains I against I
Don Caballero 2
Iceburn Meditations
Ground Zero Null & Void
Other great punk music like Crass, DKs, the Ruts, Citizen Fish, etc. is more about its verbal messages than its music, so I haven't included them.

Francis Dhomont Frankenstein Symphony
Morton Subotnick Silver Apples of the Moon
Vladimir Ussachevsky Works for Electronic Tape
Pierre Bastien Mechanoid
V/A(Bart Hopkin) Gravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones
Harry Partch Delusion of the Fury
Mephista entomological reflections
Einsturzende Neubauten Strategies against Architechture
Chris Cutler p53
James Coleman: Theremin "Zuihitsu"
Bart Hopkin Instrumentarium Hopkinis
Tatsuya Nakatani
Toshiya Tsunoda
NASA / Voyager I & II (space sounds) Sphere of Io
Pleasurehorse Taitsu (tights)
Lightning Bolt Beautiful Rainbow
Merzbow Pulse Demon
Le Quan Ninh Ustensiles
Crash Worship
Late Severa Wires

ROOTS (some recent favorites)
Music of the Gamelan Gong Kebyar
Pharoah Sanders Karma
Planxty Planxty
Zimbabwe: Shona Mbria Music
Anouar Brahem Astrakan café
The Band The Band, Stage Fright
Rabi Abou Kahlil The Sultan's Picnic
Khan & Banerjee Signature Series V 4
Kamalesh Maitra Tabla Tarang
Fela Coffin for Head of State
Thomas Mapfumo Live
Anything at all

All music is better live!!!!!!!!!


Bart Hopkin Getting a Bigger Sound
Jason Lollar Basic Pick-Up Winding

Davis & Jones Sound Reinforcement Handbook
Campbell & Greated The Musicians Guide to Acoustics
Helmholtz On the Sensations of Tone
Audsley The Art of Organ Building
Backus The Acoustical Foundations of Music
Sir James Jeans Science and Music
Fletcher and Rossing The Physics of Musical
Anthony Baines Musical Instruments Through the Ages

Francois Baschet Les Structures Sonores
Harry Partch Genesis of a Music
Alain Danielou Music and the Power of Sound

Michael Chanan Musica Practica
Edwin Prevost No Sound is Innocent
Edwin Prevost Minute Particulars
Mat Callahan The Trouble with Music
Luigi Russolo The Art of Noises
Pauline Oliveros Software for People
Pauline Oliveros The Roots of the Moment
Cornelius Cardew Treatise Handbook
Christopher Small Music Society Education
J H Kwabena Nketia The Music of Africa
Chernoff African Rhythm and African Sensibility
Cowell New Musical Resources
Perle Twelve Tone Tonality

Samuel Conversations with Olivier Messiaen
Stravinsky (Craft) Memories and Commentaries
Stravinsky The Poetics of Music (ghostwritten)
Karlheinz Stockhausen Stockhausen on Music
Butch Morris Liner Notes for Testament: A Conduction Collection
Shawn Arnold Schoenberg’s Journey
Elliott Carter Essays and Lectures
Cage Notations
Steinitz Gyorgy Ligeti Music of the Imagination
Joan Peyser To Boulez and Beyond
Reginald Brindle Smith The New Music

Nyman Experimental Music
Pinch & Trocco Analog Days
Derek Bailey Improvisation
Michael Tenzer Balinese Music
Curt Sachs The Wellsprings of Music
Attali Noise
Rough Guide World Music
Chris Cutler File Under Popular
Azerrad Our Band Could Be Your Life

Charles Mingus Beneath the Underdog
John F Szwed Space is the Place (bio of Sun Ra)
Duke Ellington Music is my Mistress
Andre Hodeir Jazz its Evolution and Essence
A B Spellman 4 Lives in the Bebop Business
LeRoi Jones(Amiri Baraka) Black Music

James Gleick Chaos
Abbott Flatland
Hakim Bey Immediatism
Tom Wolfe The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
Jack Kerouac The Dharma Bums
Ezra Pound ABC of Reading
Herbert Marcuse One-Dimensional Man
Hardt & Negri Multitude
Deleuze & Guattari a thousand plateaux



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