Dedicated to

Sherry Mariano
Robert Parker
Rick Ziello
Bill Shay
Richard O’Connor
Roger Hoar
-my teachers

Mike Zwicky & Alfredo Caballero
Scott Hershowitz & Casson Kennedy
and all the other musicians I've had the good fortune of working with.

Mike Rinaldi for getting me started
Steve Ewing for the ethos of work
Rod Welles for Labyrinth Speakeasy
Barney Zeitz for encouragement and support
Myles Thurlow for being Myles
Zach Pearson for philosophical diesel driving
Heather Goff for this website
Bart Hopkin for Musical Instrument Design

to Linzi, Rod, Paul, Charmaine, and Scott co-founders of Anarchestra
Gaspard, Dawn, Dezbah, Garry, and Bill
paul (again). rod (again and again), montana, zach (again), ellie, alisa, zach l, andrew, miguel, richard, pat, hector, madog, niko, howie, and all the others who play or help make it go.



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